Some of the organizations working together in this area.

Elders Action Network Building a movement of elders addressing the environmental, governance and social justice issues of our time
Center for Conscious Eldering Supporting people in their passage from mid-life adulthood into a conscious elderhood
Connie Zweig Inner work, shadow-work, aging as spiritual practice, life review, shifting from role to soul
Brooke Medicine Eagle Teaching about Wisdom Lodge for menopausal women
Yerusha Yerusha has a Sage-ing Mentorship Program that is focused on teaching spiritual eldering through the lens of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and his book “From Age-ing to Sage-ing”.
Sage-ing International Conscious Aging: Elders Learning Together.
Sage-ing International is about aging consciously through life’s transitions and challenges in community with like-minded older adults.
The Sage-ing view is one of aging as a spiritual practice that can elicit joy and contentment, positively benefiting our families and the communities and cultures we serve.
Illuman of Washington We offer a 5 day series of ceremonies, offered in concert with a 12 session course that ushers people (deeper) into the eldering journey.
Global Center for Indigenous Leadership & Lifeways Bringing ancient Indigenous ways of knowing and wisdom into modern times - Weaving Wisdom of Loving Elders to Bring Us Back Into Our Hearts
Wisdom Weavers Weaving Wisdom of Loving Elders to Bring Us Back Into Our Hearts
Rites of Passage Council How to get from where you are now to where you want to be likely isn’t clear yet. It may seem impossible - a challenge beyond you - that keeps you circling in self-doubt. Know that humans have been facing and overcoming what seem like insurmountable challenges since the beginning of time. We used to call it initiation. Those that went before us created ceremonies to ease the passage.
Nature Knows Culturally, the presence of Elders is an inherent pillar of our programs and quests. They are always contributing to our healing approaches and core frameworks as they are the family elders of Nature Knows. When in a new place, we connect to these relationships as an opening/beginning.
Wild Blue Heron Center Courses and groups working with, celebrating, and honoring elders
Grandmother Collective The wisdom and experience of grandmothers is a powerful force for change around the world. Toward that end, the Grandmother Collective pursues a world where grandmothers are recognized and supported as key collaborators for social change.
BeyondAge Building longevity infrastructure for systems change
Climate Change in an Aging Society Climate change in an aging society
Dr. Tom Pinkson “You are here for a reason, called in your own, unique way to help shape-shift humanity’s evolution toward a path of Balance, Health, and Sacred Reciprocity, recognizing your interconnection with all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.”
The Contemporary Elder Institute To transform older to elder, age to sage, resignation to renewal, default identity to created identity. To be the elder you want to see in the world.

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